Earrings "Nexa" 925 Silver
Earrings "Nexa" 925 Silver
Earrings "Nexa" 925 Silver

Earrings "Nexa" 925 Silver

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Statement earrings that enchant with their gentle charm. A look detail that will give elegance to any of your outfits.

Material: Silver (925)

Weight: 4,0g

Diameter: 11mm

Height: 23mm

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    CodeM surely has a piece of jewelry that fits your wardrobe, your lifestyle and your budget perfectly.

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    Whether you are into bold statement pieces or delicate strings of pearls, CodeM jewelry is the perfect way to express yourself. Quality, great customer service and fast shipping is guaranteed!

    Code M jewelry

    a modern person’s attribute striving for
    minimalism and inspiration in your pulse of life.


    The most outstanding jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is made thoroughly and carefully, each detail is considered. If I had to choose jewelry today, I would choose yours only! Not only is the price and quality great but also customer service. I think that each future customer of yours will be satisfied.

    Sandra Bovšytė-Dagelienė

     High-quality, beautiful and cute jewelry. Great communication and customer service of the staff.

    Ieva Laurinavičiūtė