Necklace "Crescent" 925 Silver
Necklace "Crescent" 925 Silver
Necklace "Crescent" 925 Silver
Necklace "Crescent" 925 Silver
Necklace "Crescent" 925 Silver

Necklace "Crescent" 925 Silver

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Material: Silver (925) or 24K Gold-plated Silver (925)

Weight: 2,33 g

Length (extendable): 42 - 45 cm

It has been long known that a moon affects not only the phenomena of nature but human emotions and instincts too. The ancient civilizations believed that a moon is a celestial god of the female gender that quietly spreads its efficacy for people over earth.

It is mysterious and unpredictable as a woman herself therefore this symbol best reflects the mysterious nature of every girl. A moon radiating a silver light and very soft energy is linked to fertility, therefore, the amulet of this sign will perfectly fit to welcome a new life or wish luck to the family that only steps towards this road.

Furthermore, a young moon symbolizes a new beginning, helps to find the motivation to decisively step into the next stage of life, and gives strength. Usually, this symbol is given to inspiring women that you admire.

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