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Material: Silver (925) or Gold-plated Silver (925) details 

Size (extendable)S - for children, M - for women, L - for men

In ancient times, people believed that a red thread tied on the left wrist by seven simple knots will protect a person from diseases, misfortunes, evil eye, or other bad things.

A red thread bracelet can be tied only by a person who you love and trust unconditionally. With every tied knot this person sends you the warmest wishes in his/her thoughts.

Don’t be sad if after some time you see that a red thread on your wrist is missing. It means that it fulfilled its safety protection, absorbed all negative energy and left.

However, what symbolizes one tiny bubble?

One is a symbol of trusting yourself and leadership. This symbol reflects a person’s individuality and creative soul of his/her. In Western culture, one is a celestial number symbolizing one god and the most brilliant creation of his – a human. The followers of the famous Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras called this number “monad” – “the foundation of the universe”.

A person marked by this number will never be a lost sheep that blindly follows a huge herd of sheep. On the contrary, this person will show the way for the crowd and the crowd will follow him/her. This person will set ambitious goals that will be achieved by using a strong will and stubbornness. One is considered as a number of masculine power therefore an amulet of this sign will perfectly fit strong personalities that are focused on what they want from life.

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Sandra Bovšytė-Dagelienė

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